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Larger Prints – Part 1.


Collection of Silver Prints on Matt and Ilford Photographic paper box 20×24 inches

As a photographer I have always had an inclining to go big with my prints to help with dramatic effect, the impact that the image brings and also how the scale enhances the contrast and detail. As I have previously explained my work is about honing in on those details with an F stop at 2.8 on the camera. This in turn creates a small beautifully sharp detailed area and the rest becomes a blur of contrasting greys, white and blacks that blend together beautifully.

When I purchased 10 sheets of Ilford Matt 20 x 24 inch paper I was stunned by just how big that really was which then threw across a cloud of doubt as I became worried that my negatives would not hold up to such a large-scale. After a month sitting in my studio I finally got myself geared up to use it. Once I had chosen the negative it became the case of being very careful, precise and delicate with each and every stage.

The first part of the process was to make sure the negative was dust, hair and stain free. This was checked constantly and i used a negative wipe to help with this. Once the negative was ready, next came the chemicals. The trays needed three times the amount of chemicals to cover the paper. The developer was measured 1 part developer, 9 parts water, the stop was a cap full in 1000ml and the fix was the same measurements as the developer.

Part 2 of the process will follow in the next day or two.

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