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The importance of slow film.


Silver Print on Matt

Because my work is so intricate and detailed I must have slow films in order to capture this detail. Film speeds are measured by the photographic film’s sensitivity to light. Slow films are much more sensitive meaning they respond to the light exposure quicker and faster than slower films. Throughout the 4 years at Aberystwyth I have changed from films such as HP4 (ISO 400), right down to Ilford Pan F50. This rapid change in my film choices has really helped develop my work further and expand my knowledge in this artic area.

Because my work is so focused on tiny intricate details the grain has to be non-existent otherwise it will blur and deform the image. When blowing film to print up to 20 x 24 inches you need to use a slow film because the grains are finer which makes them less visible when enlarged.

This year I have been using 2 types of films mainly, these are Fomapan 100 and Fuji Neopan 100. Both of these films with their low speeds have made my shooting and printing much easier and extremely more detailed. Fomapan I find has beautiful smooth finish to it. The images come out very crisp and clear, Fuji does, I find, have a better contrast on the negative which then means you don’t need to change it on the enlarger which helps when printing. Both of these films however are fantastic to work with and have been extremely r21e30b3f7d7f9fadb46cb02f2f261b05eliable throughout these past years.

I have recently been experimenting with other brands and types such as: Ilford delta 100, Rollei RPX 100, TMax 100, Ilford Pan F50. More on these results will follow later on in the year.


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