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Exhibition 2 – Completed.

Today was the final day of building the exhibition. The whole semester of work has been leading up to this crucial moment. I am really pleased with how it has all come together. My plan before was to have the digital photographs outside the gallery but i found they were more effective inside thus i split up the film and spread it outside.

I wanted the book to feature as the key element of the whole exhibition so I placed it central with two prints either side this then the reader can glance up and view other work whilst they are flicking through the pages of digital.

IMG_1857I chose to frame most of my work in single frames with multiple images as i found that they worked well as sets. I am really pleased with the two trip-tychs as they really bounce off each other and work well alongside.

The polaroids stand on a small bit of wall on their own as they are the locations i would like to keep them anonymous. Some I know i have talked about in previous posts but not all. The locations are key because they are what inspired the work i have made, the religious aspect really helped to make the work successful. Alongside the large digital and the 9 Spheres I have a plinth full of postcards and business cards. I felt like this was a good opportunity to make a bit of money but also for people to take away and remember the exhibition by. I am really pleased with the entire outcome. I feel i really have achieved what i set out to achieve with this exhibition and the MA. I now feel i can close down the architectural theme and start something new and fresh in my own time.

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